11 Mistakes That Burglars Want You To Make Over Your Holiday

by Jack Smith
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The holidays are coming up and you are super excited about it. Unfortunately, your excitement may cause some problems in your home from thieves if you aren’t careful. Here are 11 things you have to watch for over the holidays.

1. Announcing your plans all over social media

We all want our friends and family to know what our exciting plans are. However, announcing what you are doing and where you will be to hundreds of people isn’t a good idea at all, especially if your page is a public one. Keep your whereabouts to yourself to avoid being robbed.

2. Putting your Christmas tree in plain sight

Sure, a Christmas tree in the window looks amazing. However, this allows thieves to see right into your home and check out the expensive presents underneath. If you must put your tree in the window, try to position the curtain to block out as much as you can if someone looks inside.

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3. Taking packages out in your driveway

There have been stories of thieves trailing shoppers home after watching them put multiple packages into their car in a shopping plaza. When you start carrying them inside, lock your car between trips so that no one can snatch your bags when you aren’t looking. Better yet, park in your garage if you have one.

4. Leaving your house unattended for long

If you are leaving for a couple of days over the holiday, ask a neighbor if they would park a vehicle in your driveway. That way, it looks as if someone is home at all times. Pay someone to shovel the walk and pick up any newspapers that you get throughout the week to make things look normal.

5. Leaving notes outside

You may want to leave a note on your door for the mailman or Fed-Ex employee, but would-be thieves will know you are not home. If you must leave a note, contact the company who is shipping your package directly.

6. Throwing out big boxes

That new television box may be bulky, but consider breaking it down and throwing it into bags to put out in the trash. That way, you aren’t advertising to thieves that you have brand new appliances inside.

7. Hiding keys

It’s great to have a key hidden close to the house in case you forget or lose your regular one. But a thief will know where to look to find it. Think about installing a newer keypad lock, and only give the code to family you trust.

8. Leaving your windows unlocked

You may lock up all your doors but forget about the windows. Thieves will have no problem opening one up and ransacking your home, so make sure you regularly check your windows to make sure they are secure.

9. Using windows to run electrical cords through

Your window may be the easiest way to plug in your holiday lights. But a thief will see it as the perfect opportunity to simply help themselves to your valuables when you are gone. Run longer extension cords if you must to light up for the holidays.

10. Leaving a detailed voicemail or answering machine message

Never leave a message that says that you will be gone during the holidays, even on your cell phone. You are basically sending potential burglars to your home.

11. Letting strangers inside

The holidays will bring out carolers looking to spread joy and charities asking for donations. Never let anyone inside your house to snoop around. They may not have the best intentions when it comes to your home.

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