According To Dating Experts, You Shouldn’t Do These Things On A First Date

by Eric Daniels
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First dates generally make people a little nervous, especially if your first dates tend not to go well. If you’re in a negative pattern of failed first dates, it may be time to analyze what you’re doing wrong. To help your next first date go better, here are some things NOT to do on a first date.

1. Don’t Forget Talking Points

First dates are awkward. Many times, people don’t know what to say. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a couple of talking points and jokes going into it. Start by asking questions to get them to talk. However, if they are only providing one-word answers, be ready to fill the void until something sparks up the conversation. Try current events, television shows, movies, work, politics, concerts, family, and vacations. If you still have trouble talking, at least you can say you tried.

2. Don’t Make Future Plans

Some people get excited and start hinting at future plans, such as a wedding a couple of months away. This will only scare your date off. Whatever you do, avoid talking about marriage and kids unless they mention it first. It is a first date, after all.

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3. Don’t Be Rude

Believe it or not, some people think that they will win someone over by being rude to them. It’s the playground mentality that you should have stop using on the playground. Pulling your date’s hair and calling her a “doodie-head” is not going to produce results. Be nice to your date. If you do get into some good-natured roasting throughout the evening, keep your roasts thinly veiled compliments about something they are proud of.

Don’t forget to also be polite to any staff you encounter on your date. Your date will likely take notice of how you treat someone else. Even if you have horrible service, handle it with grace.
Rudeness doesn’t only apply to the conversation. You want to be polite while eating, too. Order something not too messy and use your manners.

4. Don’t Lie

People may want to impress their date so much that they make the disastrous mistake of lying. This never ends well. You’re probably not that great of a liar, and your date will likely sense your fib. If the lie does miraculously get you through the first date, your date will find out about the lie eventually. Just be honest about anything they ask. If you feel a strong need to lie, you might consider fixing the things you feel the need to lie about.

5. Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Some people give up on a date in the first couple of minutes. There’s no need to bail out if your date doesn’t seem immediately interested. Some people take longer to warm up to others. Give it a solid shot. If it doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Keep dating.

The dating scene can be rough. Knowing what not can do can take you to the second date and make the experience easier.

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