According To Experts This Is How Long It Takes To Really Move On After A Painful Breakup

by Jack Smith
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Breakups: don’t you just hate them? Not only are they mentally taxing, but also lead to loneliness and depression. But the worst thing about breakups is the mental heartache. You just feel like there’s something eating you inside, and you wonder, when does it end?

The Experts Take

According to most studies conducted on heartbreaks, the mental and emotional trauma from breakups begins to fizzle down after three months.

In fact, one particular study showed that it took the average American about three months and 11 days to feel comfortable enough to date once more.

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Another study conducted on 155 graduates that had experienced a horrendous breakup in the past six months also discovered that 71 percent of individuals overcame their pain after 11 weeks. This translated to roughly three months.

Nevertheless, the timeline for healing can vary from one individual to another. According to Dr. Sarah Bren, a Manhattan psychologist, there is no such thing as the ‘right’ time to overcome a breakup.

Don’t Put A Timeline to It

In recent years, the media has popularized the fact that there is a specific timeline required for self-healing before someone finally gets over their partner. For example, the classic RomCom series Sex and the City claims that it takes half as long to get over someone depending on the length of the relationship they had.

The truth is, overcoming a breakup depends on the individual’s situations and personality.

Your Perceptions Play A Big Role

How you perceive the dating game is going to play a big part in determining the time it takes to get over someone. The culmination of past trauma and experiences will factor in the mix.

Which means that anything prior to when you started dating could be affecting you as we speak. Your journey to get over your ex depends on you alone, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to the rest.

How to Hasten the Healing Process

Would you like to move on quicker from an ex? The first thing is to release yourself and just live in the moment. Let yourself go by acknowledging all the pain, anger and sadness. This is a major part of the healing process and it can make you feel better much sooner.

Hiding the anguish only prolongs the emotional and psychological anguish! Especially if the two of you shared the same group of friends!

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