Bride-to-be is mocked for buying a cheap wedding dress from H&M

by Jack Smith
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A bride-to-be has revealed how shocked she was to hear the reaction from friends concerning her wedding dress. The disbelief was over the fact she bought her dress from a small retailer known as H&M instead of a high-end specialty store.

The lovely bride-to-be shared her story on Mumsnet. She explained how much she dreaded trying on hugely expensive wedding dresses in the specialty shops near her. She wrote that the little boutiques around her home are all very high-end and cost an arm and a leg. She also wasn’t happy that you must have an assistant with you to try on the dresses.

She went on to describe how she was looking online for wedding dresses when she came across a traditional white dress from H&M. Many people are unaware that the store stocks formal dresses.

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When she researched the dress further she realized that most sizes were sold out already. Luckily, her size was still available, so she decided to order it. After trying on the dress for family and even her future mother-in-law, she was happy to realize that it fit perfectly and looked great. She was pleased to find a beautiful dress that fit both her figure and her budget.

However, the future bride was shocked to hear that a “few of her good friends” were genuinely surprised and concerned at where she had bought the dress. As other people began to ask where she got the dress from, the shocked bride-to-be experienced something she wasn’t expecting.

She continued on to say that she figured she would get a somewhat positive reaction after telling others about the dress. However, many friends were bemused at the thought of her wearing a dress from H&M and asked if she was sure she wanted to go with it. Many even asked if she was planning to shop at the “proper wedding shops”.

She also asked other Mumsnet users their opinions on the dress. She started to wonder whether her judgment was off when it came to wedding dress selections. After all, her friends were not being very supportive of the dress, so was it uglier than she thought? Or should she simply stop telling people how much it was and where it was from?

Luckily, hundreds of users rushed to her defense after she posed the questions. They assured her that her wedding dress was beautiful and that many nasty comments come from jealousy. They encouraged her to wear the dress proudly and ignore the silly comments from anyone else who had something to say.

Some users went on to say that the money she saved on a dress could be used for something more practical, such as home essentials. Others said to put the saved cash towards a romantic honeymoon. However, the majority of users felt that there was nothing wrong with buying a cheaper wedding dress form an unconventional store. All in all, the online community was very positive concerning their comments. Hopefully, this future bride rocked out in her wedding dress among the haters of the group.

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