A woman’s place in the home should be whatever she wants it to be

by Jack Smith

A young mother recently sparked controversy online when she revealed her daily routine on an online forum. The post got a huge number of replies from those in support and in anger. It sparked off a debate on what a modern home should look like and how balanced it should be. 

Brooke Smith posted what she thought was an innocent comment on a forum called ‘Mums who cook, clean, and organize’. She spoke of how she wakes up at 4.30 am and cooks her husband’s breakfast first. From there she gets all of their clothes ready, cleans the house, lunches made and more. She says that she gets to bed at different times each night but sometimes she will struggle to make it before midnight with the amount of work she does. 

Many jumped in to criticize saying that a marriage should be based on an equal partnership. That her husband should do a lot more at home and that he can certainly make his own breakfast. It is important to point out that Smith was not complaining about her schedule. In fact, she says that it is a large contributor to their happy household. Looking after the household chores and ensuring the place is clean keeps her in a positive mental state and contributes to a happy relationship. Her husband works two jobs, one in construction and one as a gym instructor, so he is certainly not being lazy in his actions.

It all really comes down to a definition of the word balanced. Is it balanced if the husband contributes all of the finances to the household and if the wife contributes all of the housework and childminding? In our opinion, if both partners are happy with the arrangement that they have, then it is a winning one. It sounds like both are getting up around the same time and working long days. As long as their relationship is a loving one where they help each other whenever they can, then having this approach as a foundation appears to make sense.

While many people commented that it is 2020, not 1920, and they are right, this is not a case of sexism in the home. Women should have the right to work and not look after the kids if they so choose but if they have someone in the household that is able to provide for the finances and they would prefer to work at home they should be entitled to do that as well. This may be a case of the PC culture criticizing someone too quickly without looking at the details. What are your thoughts? Is Brooke sending women back to the 1920s with her daily schedule or should we let people do what suits their family best?

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