Alissa Mashburn Lost 95 Pounds Without Giving Up Her Favorite Fastfood

by Eric Daniels

Alissa Mashburn, an administrative assistant from New York, shed a large amount of weight two times in her life. The first time, she lost 70 pounds thanks to a very restrictive diet and twice-daily visits to the gym. The second time was to lose the weight she had gained after her first dramatic weight loss.

Alissa encountered something we’ve all learned at one point or another: it may take a lot of work to lose weight, but it takes even more to keep it off. The key to a good weight loss regimen isn’t quantity, but sustainability. Instead of cutting out entire categories of food or dying at the gym, Alissa decided to make the following small changes in her life.

Making Small Fitness Goals

Unless you’re athletic, exercise is probably not part of your normal routine. Going to the gym can be uncomfortable, intimidating, or even inconvenient. However, starting small, like a 30 minute walk after work, is a great way to ease into exercise. Once you build up your stamina and confidence, you can expand into more rigorous exercises. It might sound simple, but it works. Just ask Alissa!

Focusing on Portion Size

Alissa’s first weight loss is attributed to a diet that eliminated sugars and carbs, which happen to be abundant in Taco Bell, her favorite fast food. The reason most diets don’t work is that many of them aren’t sustainable. People on restrictive diets are also more prone to binging, which is exactly what happened to Alissa.

The second time around, Alissa made sure to watch her portion sizes rather avoiding carbs altogether. She also made sure to schedule all snacks and meals around her workouts to keep herself energized while also burning calories. Being more mindful of how much she was eating allowed her to lose weight while still enjoying her favorite treats, albeit in moderation.

Changing Her Routine

Cycling through different exercise routines kept Alissa interested and motivated to work out. She could feel herself becoming bored with her usual treadmill and dumbbells routine, so she switched things up by going outdoors or joining classes. Group classes come with a social element, and the presence of others can be very motivating and rewarding during a workout session.

Most of us lose weight to be happy, but how can we be happy without our favorite foods? Luckily, Alissa Mashburn has proven that we don’t have to give up our favorites, even if they come from a drive-thru line. With a little moderation and some planning ahead, we can all happy and enjoy a bit of fast food, too.

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