How to clean your appliances?

by Jack Smith

Spring cleaning seems to come around more than once a year now. The task of giving your house a deep clean appears in my home at least every month. Whether that means that my partner is extremely dirty and it means my house requires more cleaning or is extremely conscientious and we simply like to tackle it more, I am unsure. However often you give your house a deep clean, ensure you are getting to all the important places.

While it can feel good to lift that couch or move the TV stand for the first time in five years you should also think about your appliances. The fridge and the microwave are the main culprits but every appliance needs to be cleaned pretty regularly to ensure they don’t break down and are performing correctly. 

When it comes to the microwave the best way to clean it is to, first of all, avoid it getting dirty. If you are someone who heats anything with a sauce without a lid covering it, you are asking for trouble. There will be mini-explosions every time you heat something and they will stick to the roof, walls, and door. Over time they will become a real nuisance to get rid of. You can just you a sheet of kitchen paper to cover your meal if you don’t have the appropriate lid handy. Every few months you should disconnect your microwave and get stuck in there with a sponge and soapy water. Give it a deep clean and check underneath and behind to ensure it is really clean.

The refrigerator gets so dirty it should be cleaned regularly. Of course, a deeper clean is required every so often to keep it in tip-top shape. The first commitment you should make is taking everything out of the fridge. Once you do this you are agreeing with yourself to put in some real effort instead of a surface level clean. Take off each shelf and wash them down in soapy water. Ensure that the airflow to the back of your fridge does not have too much dust or cobwebs. Give it a light clean with a brush and if there is a grill protecting it, remove that and give it a clean too. If your fridge is on the old side you may have a build-up of ice in the fridge itself. Use a hairdryer to melt this away, not a knife. 

The oven is something that I know many people never clean. They seem to think that if it is reaching high temperatures it is nuking anything dirty inside but that is not the case. Before we get to the oven itself, let’s discuss the hobs. To clean the hobs you should use soapy water with a mix of baking soda, salt, and dishwasher. Avoid the holes where the gas comes out to ensure no issues the next time you light it.

Many ovens have self-cleaning options that can be used for the interior. If not you are going to have to get inside and scrub off anything that has stuck to the interior over time.

Dishwashers and washing machines also have self-cleaning options but either way, you will need to do some work. We advise using vinegar and a cloth to wipe down the inside of your washing machine and the door of the dishwasher. Avoid bleach as some may stay behind and stain your clothes. Check the filter of your machines to ensure there are no blockages. If you have a dryer always clean the lint tray after every cycle. 

These simple steps should allow you to keep your appliances for a few extra years. The little bit of effort is worth the large savings over time.

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