Michelle Went Through A Very Painful Breakthrough But Claims It Made Her Want To Remarry Even More

by Lee Wang

Michelle’s marriage was a mess. The arguments were escalating, and when there wasn’t screaming and yelling, the silence was tangible. Where loved used to reside, there was only pain, confusion, bitterness and heartache. The relationship was going to end, whether Michelle liked it or not, and the death of the marriage left a void in her chest that she desperately wanted to fill.

Her heart was broken. Regardless of the hurt and confusion she felt, the memories flooded her mind in hurricane sized waves. Sure, there had been so much hurt and blame and angry words, but what about the beautiful moments. The moments she wanted to cling to despite the end of the marriage. The romanticism behind love was still an ever-present need that Michelle desperately wanted to satisfy. She wasn’t done with love and wasn’t’ about to give up.

Her husband moved out of their family home and Michelle was left with her 2-year-old child and a home filled with the loss of her former life. In a flash, Michelle steadied herself and made a commitment to take a step forward. In the shell of her home she chose to create new memories celebrating the life she and her child wanted; a life they both deserved. Life was moving forward and the dull, throbbing ache that had been pulsing in her chest was replaced with adrenaline and the need to keep pushing forward.

Even in the moments where the loss of her former marriage ebbed closer to the forefront of her thoughts, Michelle pushed on. The bouts of sadness and loss began to lessen and were replaced with hope and the awareness that something better was on the horizon.

Then on a gorgeous Saturday evening in May, Michelle met her personal prince charming. It was like something out of the movies – love at first sight and all the butterflies and earth-shattering fireworks that come along with it. Michelle had found love, or rather, love had found Michelle.

Yet amidst the excitement and the anticipation of her new life and new love, naysayers had Michelle questioning why should would take another chance? What if this love fizzled like the last? What is she faced disappointment and heartbreak again? As she drove home from work one afternoon, her brilliant engagement ring shining in the afternoon sun, Michelle came to two important conclusions about her search for love.


During the divorce and all the messiness that accompanied it, Michelle realized that love was nothing something dependent on another human. The love she truly needed was self-love. Learning to value herself, her time and her heart became her paramount focus. Real love and worth had to come from within.

Go For It!

Everything in life worth having is worth fighting for. Love is no exception. Michelle knew she owed it to herself to experience the freeing kind of love that brought acceptance, kindness, passion and partnership. Her job was worth fighting for and she excelled. Her child was worth fighting for and they triumphed over difficulties. She set her sights on her perfection version of love and relentlessly pursued it.
If you are on a journey of self-discovery and have not yet found your adaptation of love, don’t give up. If you find yourself at the end of a relationship that promised hope, and disappointed, or are at the beginning of an exhilarating and terrifying voyage that just seems so daunting, do not give up. Love is there, just beyond the horizon for those willing to chase it down.

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