Nobody Wants To Buy The Famous Harry Potter House

by Jack Smith

When considering the lore and mythology that has sprung up around the Harry Potter series of books and movies in recent years, it is easy to forget that many settings in Harry Potter’s universe actually exist in real life. Only recently, a house that served as the setting for the much-reviled Dursley family (a home perhaps better known to Potter fans as “Number Four Privet Drive”) went up for sale in Surrey, England. But a more desirable property for Potter fans may just be the historic De Vere House. Filmgoers will likely recognize this beautiful and historic building as the fictional home of Harry Potter’s parents.

Despite its centrality to the Harry Potter universe, however, it seems that no one wants to actually purchase this remarkable Suffolk homestead. Currently available to homebuyers with over $1 million to invest in real estate, the 15th Century property certainly has its amenities: Its timber construction, six bedrooms, and age-old design cues will surely make the house a prime investment for the right buyer.

In recent years, moreover, the house has been a popular stopover for Harry Potter fans from across the globe: The home’s current occupants have said that Potter acolytes will often knock at the front door to see if Harry is still living there.

The home’s status as a rental property on Airbnb also makes it a veritable pilgrimage site for people who are keen to experience the world of Harry Potter firsthand. Indeed, even if they’re not in the market for a new home, fans of the series can still rent a room in the house via the popular rental website. Staying here isn’t cheap, of course, but visitors with a passion for all things Potter can be sure that they’ll have a very memorable experience while traveling through this beautiful region. After all, how often can a person say that they stayed in Harry Potter’s own house?

So why exactly has no one purchased this remarkable home? The De Vere House’s price tag is quite steep, to be sure, but Brexit may also be keeping real estate investors and potential homebuyers at bay. As the UK hammers out trade deals with mainland Europe over the next several months, many real estate investors will likely be waiting to see whether economic winds shift in the English housing market.

Indeed, for a country that has seen real estate prices soar over the last decade, Brexit could spell very big changes ahead for the luxury home market: Only recently, in fact, the owners of the De Vere House dropped their asking price on the unique property by £45,000. That’s an upfront loss of about $60,000 in American money.

What the new year holds for the De Vere House is anyone’s guess, but a turbulent housing market and soaring home prices within the UK could combine to keep the historic property unsold for the foreseeable future. Considering the mass appeal of the Harry Potter series, however, it may just be the case that an enterprising Hogwarts fan will snap up the property very soon. The house would certainly make a perfect Christmas gift for a diehard Potter aficionado.

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