November Is Considered ‘Breakup Season’, But Why?

by Eric Daniels

Fall is one of our favorite times to snuggle down with a good book, use pumpkin spice on everything, enjoy the autumn leaves, and break up with a boyfriend. That’s right – research shows that November is the month when couples are most likely to call their relationship quits. While this is confusing, we have gathered a list of several reasons why people choose to go their separate ways during Thanksgiving month and how to handle breakups with grace.

1. Long Distance Relationships Have Fizzled

New college couples who were certain that their love would last forever despite the miles between them have got a good grasp on how a long-distance relationship will actually work in the long run. Sadly, many of them realize that it’s not working well after all. Going home for the holidays and meeting again can show couples that the spark has burned out, encouraging them to break up.

2. Holiday Uncertainties

No matter how old you are, going home for the holidays and participating in traditional family gatherings can be a little awkward – especially if you have a new boy- or girl-friend along with you. Some couples choose to call it quits simply because they see that the relationship isn’t worth the get-togethers.

3. Ending it Before the Holiday Roll Starts

November is the beginning of the holiday season with Thanksgiving quickly followed by Christmas and then Valentines Day. If a couple isn’t totally into each other, they may choose to end things because they don’t want to get stuck together for the duration of the season. In cases like this, breaking it off before Thanksgiving makes it easier to adjust compared to ending things in the midst of the holidays.

While all of these reasons are understandable and even good reasons to break up, you need to ensure that the breakup is as pleasant an experience as possible. Although breaking up is never a fun event, it can be best for everyone in the long run.

If you’re planning a breakup, remember the importance of good communication. If you talk to your significant other about what you are feeling and why you think that it’s time to call things to a close, it can help make the entire experience easier.

If you’re unsure about breaking up but still feeling uncertain about how you will deal with the holidays, talk that over as well. Explain your reservations about meeting the family when you’re not sure the relationship will last or tell about your uncle’s rude jokes and how you want your significant other to avoid him until things are on more stable footing.

By taking things out, you can either overcome holiday woes or else part as friends. And, if you can’t discuss things and communicate well, then your relationship is already in serious trouble!

The holidays can be a difficult time of year for everyone, but especially those with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Before you allow yourself to feel trapped in a relationship just because it’s the holiday season, stop and give yourself the chance to do what is best for you!

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