Resentment Over A Difference In Housework Will Ruin Your Relationships

by Jack Smith

When you start living with someone you deeply care for, there is little thought about what can slowly destroy your relationship. This is perfectly natural, because it is never a good idea to enter a relationship thinking about how it will end. However, there are a few things to consider that will slowly put a wedge between you and your love if there are not known boundaries from the start.

Housework seems like a job in itself, and when you have children in the house, it turns into a continuous cycle of cleaning with no end in sight. This vicious cycle tends to put strain on a couple, especially when they do not equally share the load. The feeling of inequality will slowly creep into your relationship, and you may find yourself lashing out frequently. You may even endure sleepless nights because you are wide awake, keeping a mental score card of how much you do compared to your loved one.

If the process is not resolved, then your loved one begins to turn into a not so loved one. This simple situation can end up turning you into enemies, and you will find yourself fighting far more than laughing together. You may even begin to spend less time together, and your life will be fueled with anger and resentment for one another.

However, to avoid this unnecessary situation, it is essential to address who will do what in regards to the house early on. It is okay to take turns with chores, and it is actually a great choice to allow both people in the relationship the chance to better mold their skills. Although, it is important to understand each others limitations or desires when deciding on the best way to share the household chores. For instance, if someone suffers from allergies, then do not insist they cut the grass each week.

It is important to remember that there is not “man’s work” and “woman’s work,” but instead, consider the fact that you are getting the equal opportunity to care for your home. This way of thinking will help you have a stronger relationship, and it will also show your children that teamwork is a must for a happy and successful life.

Make sure you listen to one another, practice being flexible, and do not explode if something has been overlooked. Remember, household chores are not the end of the world. It is better to have dirty pots in the sink while you sit and enjoy your loved one’s company versus losing precious moments due to anger because the dishes did not get done. It is all a matter of control, flexibility, and communication. Once you lessen the concept of control, become more flexible, and communicate better, you will see that the joy in your life has returned once again.

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