Robbie Williams Says Stop Smoking Helped Him Lose Weight

by Eric Daniels
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Robbie Williams is a 45-year-old musician who attributes quitting smoking to helping him lose weight. As he stopped smoking, he began to focus more on living a healthy lifestyle.

The singer, who currently is an ambassador for the Weight Watchers weight loss program, said that it was his wife who encouraged him to stop smoking at the beginning of 2019. Instead, of smoking, he started boxing.

Williams felt that smoking consumed his life. He said that when he smoked, he was half human and half smoke because he is a man of extremes. As the deadline for his quitting smoking got closer, Williams began to doubt whether he was going to be able to live up to the promise that he made to his wife. Around November 2018, he started to see this challenge of quitting smoking from a different angle. He saw it as a chance for him to revamp his health completely.

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It presented an opportunity for him to get a clear head and vision of what he wanted for the future. It was almost as if in that moment Williams experienced an epiphany, which was powerful.

Williams Spoke and the Universe Listened to Him

It was shortly after Williams decided to live a healthier lifestyle that he received the call from Weight Watchers. January 2019 came, and true to his word Williams stopped smoking and started boxing. He said it was great for his mind.

Williams has been candid about his battle with mental health issues and his weight. Now that he was exercising more, watching his diet, and no longer smoking, he felt happier. He found himself spending more time in nature, especially golfing.

Talking about the depression that he struggles with, Williams says that he has something in him that’s like a magnet, attracting him to self-abuse and suicide. It is a strong pull that he fights against. He heard on a podcast someone discussing the link between exercise and mental health. He took those words to heart.

Williams feels that some of the emotional and mental health challenges he has faced have spurred him on to be the performer and the success that he is now. Struggling with issues of self-esteem has forced him to fight to excel. He feels like he would not be where he is in life if he felt comfortable in his own skin. That uncomfortable feeling he battles with propelled him to be the entertainer, the guy who’s out there on the stage.

How the Decision to Stop Smoking Has Helped Many People Feel Better

For many people, the decision to stop smoking, exercise more, and diet has been a game-changer. In addition to the improvements they feel physically, they have a number of mental and emotional health improvements.

Your diet and your physical appearance can have an impact on the way you see yourself and the way that others treat you. When a person feels more confident in their appearance and they feel like they are doing things that are good for themselves, it shows in the way that they carry themselves and live their lives.

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