The greatest innovation in plant care

by Lee Wang

There are some things that you learn as a child that will always stay with you. From a young age, my mum taught me how to look after the plants in our home. I know how often to water plants and where to place them to ensure they get the right amount of sunlight. Of course, knowing is only half the battle, I still forget to do it most of the time. Many of my plants die because when my life gets busy the plants take a back seat. There is something tragic about not even being able to keep a plant alive and I want a solution. The good news for me and anyone else who has killed too many plants is that it appears a solution has now been developed.

Under and overwatering are the two most common reasons that house plants die. Like me, many people forget to water their plants and by the time the plant starts to show the effect of underwatering, it is already too late. These same people who underwater are also capable of overwatering in an effort to make it up to the plant. Overwatering is also terrible plants and many drown doe to the large amounts of water they receive from time to time. It is humankind at its worst.

Eran Zarhi is the lead of a team of horticulturists who think they have now solved this problem. For years those who were incapable of caring for a plant but loved them, all the same, would purchase a cactus. The team has created a new solution called terraplanter.

The terraplanter is a brilliant and complex idea that creates an incredibly simple solution for the plant owner. It takes the ideas that we believe are key to growing plants indoor and turns them on their head, or to put it more correctly, turns them inside out. The terraplanter requires no soil and has to be watered far less than normal plants. In addition, overwatering is impossible. 

The way it works is brilliantly impressive. The terraplanter is a conical vase with porous cells on the exterior. Here seeds of plants are placed. The center of the vase is filled with water meaning that it can hold liters of water at a time. This water will slowly diffuse through the cells and reach the seeds and plants with ease. There is also a constant supply of air as the plant is on the exterior, giving the plant plenty of time to breathe.

The team have shown success with 20 different varieties of plant on their website but say that the possibilities are endless. The device itself is incredibly beautiful and without any plants, it still looks great in the home. It is perfectly reusable and when a plant reaches the end of its life you can easily place a new seed on the device. With a space of 1400 cells on the small device, you could even mix it up. 

While the device is perfect for the lazy, if you like it you must act now. The device is now on Kickstarter and is seeking funding to take this project from prototype to reality. If you support this device you can make it a success. The product deserves success for creating a solution that is incredibly practical, beautiful, and for dismantling our preconceived notions about growing plants.

The best part about the terraplanter is that you will never need to ask a neighbor to water your plants again. This little invention allows you to water once and walk away. If you want to become an infallible plant grower, act now.

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