These 7 Things Make Us More Vulnerable To Burglaries In The Home

by Lee Wang
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Most of the burglaries within the United Kingdom happen between October and January. ADT Fire & Security released these startling statistics after researching the problem. The company also found that more than 79% of all homeowners are not adequately protecting their homes from theft.

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This is especially true in the winter months as it gets darker earlier and burglars have more darkness to operate under. With Christmas and other holidays coming up, no one wants to be the target of a burglary.

Michael Fraser is an ex-burglar who worked with ADT Fire & Security to explain the top seven things we often do that make us an easier target for thieves. Read on to learn how you can better protect your home and valuables from potential thieves.

1. We show off valuables unintentionally

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As the days get shorter and darkness falls earlier every evening, you are likely to leave lights on in many rooms of the house. This basically shows potential burglars where we are keeping any valuables if they choose to peak in. Always close your blinds and curtains to keep any valuables out of sight and out of mind.

2. Keeping events written on calendars

You wouldn’t think that writing down holiday events and personal appointments on a calendar would be an issue. However, if that information can be easily seen through a window, then a burglar knows when they can break in undisturbed. Keep calendars away from prying eyes at all times.

3. Letterbox rifling

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Always fit a cage on the inside of your letterbox to keep burglars from taking valuables from inside your home.

4. Watch your social media accounts

A burglar can get your name by searching through old mail. The next step will be finding you on social media. If you are using a public account, they can then see when you post that you will be leaving for the day or for an extended holiday. Do you really need to post every single time you are leaving your house?

5. Be smart about digital systems

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A digital alarm system is a great idea. However, make sure the numbers are clean. Repeated use can leave the numbers on the keypad dirty enough for a burglar to see. They can then figure out your password much easier. Most people start off with a lower number and then work up to a higher number.

6. Bathroom hints

Most homeowners are careful to keep their bathroom windows covered, a clear sign to burglars watching your house. If you shower with just that one light on, they will know that they have time to run in and grab valuables while you are distracted. Keep a couple of other lights on while you shower.

7. Always use a double lock

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While one lock is better than nothing, a burglar can tell if you have a deadlock on your door. If they are able to move the door about two millimeters in, then they will know that your door isn’t double-locked. They will then be able to get into your home easier when you are gone.

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