This Is How You Can Help Children Around The World

by Eric Daniels

Children are the future. They will grow up to run businesses, create policies, and lead change. But in order for them to one day be adults ready and willing to take on the world, they need support from people like you. People who can donate time, money, and energy to helping them grow. Here are five ways you can help children around the world.

Donate Your Time and Money for Foster Children

Children that have been taken from their homes and families can use as much support as they can get. That can mean becoming a full time foster parent, or donating time and money to organizations that work with children in the system. If you don’t have the time or resources to be a foster parent, you can volunteer to take them to and from appointments, mentor them, and help their foster parent out as needed. You can also donate toys and clothes as care packages, or donate money to organizations that seek to provide necessities as well as fun items to foster children.

Walk or Run for Children-Focused Charities

There are dozens of charity walks and runs each year for different organizations. Some use the money from entrance fees to give back, while others ask participants to raise money through donations to them or their team as well. If you can run or walk in a few races each year, you can help organizations that work with children in need. Look for local events in your area, or big events in cities nearby. Bring your friends along as a team if you want. And don’t forget to look for charity races being held by small non-profits as well as national organizations. They all need help.

Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

It takes more than doctors and nurses to help children get well when they are suffering from serious health problems. They also need people to read them stories, bring them toys, and talk to them about their problems. Volunteering at a children’s hospital can be difficult, but it will also be very rewarding. It is a way to help children directly as they are struggling through some of the hardest moments of their lives.

Donate Whatever You Can

There is so much you can give in support of children. You can donate money to organizations that work to cure childhood illnesses and educate in low-income neighborhoods. You can donate toys so no child ends up present-less at the holidays. You can donate time to volunteering with after-school programs, low-income clinics, and women and children’s shelters. You can even donate blood and bone marrow to children in need of life-saving transfusions and transplants. If you have extra to give, why not give it where it is needed most?

Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters or Similar

Not all children have parents or siblings or other family members to help them learn and grow. That is why organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters offers mentor-ship opportunities to people who want to fill in for those missing people. By signing up as a Brother or Sister to a child, you can spend time with them, teach them life lessons, help them with schoolwork, and listen when they have problems.

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