Everyone Will Have These Items In Their House By The End Of 2020

by Lee Wang
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Moving into a new year means moving toward new trends. These fourteen items may be the next big thing in 2020.

Bean bags have been making quite the comeback, and it won’t be unusual to see a rise in floor seating in 2020. By the end of the year, most homes will contain bean bags, large seating pillows, or poufs.

With the hopes of eliminating unnecessary waste, most homes are turning away from single-use containers, bags, and dinnerware. In 2020, everyone will see an influx in silicone bags, reusable containers, washable picnic table wear, and more.

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Still holding on to that wicker or caned furniture? Don’t rush to the nearest donation center because interior designers are seeing them coming back in 2020. With a more modern approach, the ’70’s style furniture will be sure to be a highlighted piece in most homes by the end of the year.

The past two years have seen a large influx of air fryer purchases. With healthy swaps and alternative options, it’s easy to see how one can find these growing in popularity and popping up in most homes this coming year.

Security systems are becoming more affordable and popular. Amazon’s best-selling Wyze camera will be a popular easy-install item seen in most homes. The Wyze connects to both phone and Alexa devices and is a gadget that is quickly trending.

Boucle textures are growing in popularity and will be seen on more and more chairs and sofas by the end of 2020. This loop-type texture is well noted and popular with yarn and is quickly making its appearance on many popular furniture options.

Wireless chargers, while already available, will become a popular trend in 2020. By the end of the year, most cell phone users will have one or more wireless chargers in their homes or car.

Interior designers are noting growing trends of neutral colors and tones. Moving away from the bright, eye-catching hues, most families are finding comfort and relaxation with a softer palette.

Don’t be surprised if all your friends and family members are opening an Echo Dot for Christmas this year. With the newest upgrades, this mini Alexa device is trending with a new clock option and more.

In 2019, a growing interest in reusable water bottles took off and is likely to be seen on the rise in 2020 with Hydro flasks and more.

The latest earbuds from Apple, the Airpod Pro, will more than likely be found in many stockings this year as their growing popularity rises going into 2020.

We hope you like blue because the color “Naval” is projected to be 2020’s biggest color selection of the year. A rich navy hue with a soft brightness can be paired with many neutral colors and patterns.

Greenery will be taking the place of most indoor decor moving into 2020. So breathe in the fresh air and replace your old vases with fresh new life.

Art deco lighting will make a huge statement in 2020, and most homes will be upgrading their ceiling lights with more eye-catching pieces.

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