Experts on mental health reveal what to do if you hate your life

by Lee Wang
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Ever feel helpless? Trapped or lonely? Take a deep breath and keep calm because it will be okay, life is hard and everyone goes through rough times. Whether you are in debt, struggling with school, having relationship problems, or even just self-love problems, you will get through it. Although it may seem impossible to turn your life around now, there are many ways you can change your outlook on life.

Practice self care

A big reason people start to feel depressed or down is because they are lacking self-care. Sleep, diet, activity level, are all things that can strongly affect a person’s well being. Start with making sure you are getting enough sleep. If it is hard for you to fall asleep, try a Chamomile tea or Melatonin. Next, take a look at your diet, are you getting enough of the nutrients you need? Make sure you eat a balanced meal with enough protein, greens, and carbs. Working out or playing sports is another thing to make sure you are doing. Staying inside all day watching television can wear a person’s mental happiness. Try going for a walk or a jog while listening to music.

Change your way of thinking

It is so easy to think about only the negative aspects of life and much harder to think about the positive. Challenge yourself to think about only the positive. Whatever comes out of your mouth, make it be positive. Not only will you see your mood change, but you will see the people around you also lighten up.

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Start a new hobby you look forward to

The thing about adulting is that there is never any time to do the things we love, or so we think. Everyone has or had a hobby that they used to love doing as a child, so why not make time to do something you love? Find a new hobby that has intrigued you from the start but you never thought you could do it. The goal is to create something in your life that you look forward to doing. The days will go by faster and you will notice a change in your mood when you consistently work at something.

Make goals

Writing down goals for one year, five years, and ten years has had an amazing effect on people and motivating them to complete them. Establishing goals for you and your life will motivate you to be whoever you want to be. Making goals for the future will also show you that there is a future. Even though life may be hard at this moment in time, it will soon pass. There is a future for you and you will achieve your goals. Life coaches are available to help you establish goals and keep with them too if you need help staying on track.

Overall, life is hard, we all know that. Using these simple steps can not only change your way of thinking but could actually better yourself in the long run. So get up and get out there, you have a bright future ahead of you!

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