Follow These Tips To Be More Productive In The Following Year

by Jack Smith
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The new year is almost upon us. You’ve probably made resolutions in the past years only to break them just weeks into January. Well, this year will be different. It’s time to start hoping for a change and time to start making the change. Read on for some great tips on how to make this coming year more productive.

1. Become more self-aware

At the beginning of the month, ask yourself what you want and what you already have. Then, consider what you truly want and need in your life. We all tend to want as much as possible in life. We want more money, more sex, more possessions, more friends, and more attention. Knowing what you really want and how to start wanting and needing less starts with self-awareness.

2. Forget the snooze button

Hitting the snooze button in the morning does do more harm to you than just getting up. When your body wakes up for the first time, your endocrine system automatically starts to release the alertness hormones you will need to get in a great day of work or play. When you go back to sleep, you slow the process. Plus, do you really need that five extra minutes? It won’t do anything more productive for your body.

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3. Have a chat with the boss about your ambitions

There is nothing wrong with telling your boss that you deserve a raise or promotion. No, it won’t be easy to do, but it is a very important step to getting what you want. Talk candidly with your boss about what you would like from the company. Be firm with the salary or title that you would like to have and what opportunities you are eager to take on. While they may not be in the position to do what you want now, they will be able to help you get to where you wish to go.

4. Sunday is for “fake work” day

The term “fake work” was made to describe the things that a modern professional must do to stay employed but that doesn’t produce an immediate result. These include scheduling phone or video calls, answering emails, and making to-do lists. Use your Sunday to complete this work, as you can do it from home in your pajamas or from a comfortable coffee shop. If you get the fake work done on Sunday and out of the way, you’ll have more time to work on bigger projects during the week.

5. Start your day with a “power hour”

Get your day off to a good start by taking one hour every morning to work on something important, whether at work or at home. This should be a time when you are not going to be interrupted by outside forces, which can admittedly be difficult. If you choose to ignore the bigger project for longer than necessary, you’ll likely find yourself wasting hours of your morning going through emails and taking care of less important things that do not matter as much.

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