Gamer Spends Huge Amount For Christmas Gifts For Hospitalized Children

by Eric Daniels
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The gaming industry is one of the world’s largest as children and adults alike challenge their reflexes and their minds as they overcome a variety of obstacles. Games also serve as an escape from the hardships of life for so many. Unfortunately, some experience hardships that are so much more than others do. A few of these are those housed in children’s hospitals. However, one benevolent YouTuber recently went viral for an amazing act of kindness, which started with a shopping spree at GameStop.

Dillon, otherwise known on Reddit as dillwillhill, stunned those working at that GameStop, letting them know that he was going to spend $10,000 on systems and other related gaming accessories. As he was waiting for his amazing collection of items to be rung up, he played Jenga with the expensive boxes and also set them up like they were dominoes about to be knocked over. However, it was not all fun and games as, when he went to pay, his card was declined.

But that was ultimately solved with a call to the bank and a request to increase his spending limit.

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Now armed with his tens of thousands of dollars of GameStop products, Dillon headed to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco to share them with children who were enduring stays there. As is not a surprise to anybody, the children were excited to receive their gifts, and Dillon was happy to help them take their mind off of the terrible diseases and other battles that they need to undergo to get better.

Dillon’s YouTube channel, which is named after his charitable organization, One List One Life, has 28,000 subscribers with some of its videos receiving tens of thousands of views. The one that’s focused on his GameStop trip and visit to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, which is titled, “Who Can Make The Most Smiles With $10,000? (Challenge),” has received 10,000 views in the two months since it was posted.

Some of those who watched that video was especially touched by it. For example, Sherry Lynn Madcat wrote, “I was broken down by it. It is so sad when people so young have to shoulder such pain and insecurity. … There is such power in giving another person a smile. … You do your best, Dillon, and it is wonderful!”

What set the stage for the founding of One List One Life was Dillon learning that a friend that he’d had since they were in fifth grade was diagnosed with a return of cancer and was given just one more year to live. At that moment, he quit his job and dropped out of college to document the completion of a bucket list. Included on it and realized were things ranging from meeting Danny DeVito to feeding the homeless. One of the items that they crossed off was beating the world record for bone marrow donor signups, which resulted in the saving of his friend’s life. However, that hasn’t stopped his philanthropic efforts.

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