How to have the perfect first date?

by Lee Wang
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No matter what age you are or how much dating experience you have, everyone gets a little nervous about first dates. It feels as if everything you say and every move you make is being judged, and it is. You are trying to work out if the person you are on a date with is worth seeing again and they are doing the same thing. It comes with pressure, excitement, and if you do it right a great time. A recent survey revealed the most important things to do on a first date.

Everyone debates over what the perfect first date is. Personally I never allow a cinema or restaurant on the first date. I think a first date should be some activity so that you don’t find yourself in awkward silence. Following this up with a coffee, drinks or a quick bite is a great way to seal date number two.

In the UK, a survey of 2,000 adults revealed their idea of the perfect date. The most important thing found across the board was that you must be on time. You need to show your date that you think he/she is important and turning up late is a huge turn-off. If you are nervous you will either talk a lot or not at all and getting the balance right is seen as important. You should show that you are a good listener but you need to make your date laugh as well. Ideally telling two great anecdotes and three jokes are the way to impress.

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While everyone is addicted to their phone today, the survey results showed that people were really annoyed when people used their phone during the first date. Keep your phone in your pocket and focus on your date. The best way to show your date that they have your interest is by making lots of eye contact and smiling. 

Try not to take the date too seriously. I once went on a date with someone who was fantastic, we worked in a similar area and for some reason, the date felt like an interview. Keep things light-hearted and fun. 

Over 80% of survey respondents would be happy to have a kiss on the first date with the average spend around 70 pounds. At some point, you will run out of things to talk about no matter who you are with. You should have some backup questions saved up to use if they are required. Always ask plenty of questions to show your date how interested you are in them and not in telling your life story.

The simple things are the important ones. You should smell nice and dress for the occasion. Turning up in a tracksuit is a huge turn off so wear something classy that doesn’t suggest you are trying too hard. 45% of people said that they love to explore something new so spend some time finding something unique for you and your date to do. 33% of respondents say they often choose something cultural to try and impress their date. This is a good idea as long as it reflects who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not on the first or any other date.

The most important thing (apart from being on time) is to be genuine. Don’t tell your date what they want to hear to attempt to get a second date, that is not winning the game. Winning the game is finding someone you would enjoy being with. My final piece of advice is to all our male readers, make sure your date gets home safe, and always open the door for her. A little bit of chivalry still goes a long way. 

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