How to keep the romance alive in a relationship

by Eric Daniels
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When we first start to date someone we always try to think of the best and most romantic date options. Yet when the relationship develops and we become used to life together it can be tough to pull out some romantic moments that aren’t doing the dishes for the other person or helping them put ointment on a place they can’t reach. Yet enjoying a romantic date every month or so is a proven way to ensure the romance never dies in a relationship and can keep us thinking fondly about our significant other for years to come. Here are some ideas to bring the romance out in a special way.

Plan ahead

Some romantic ideas require a lot of planning and you should not be thinking of the date for this week but for the one that is months away. Keep the date a secret and start the reasons for the date now. Perhaps say that you will need to visit your parents and you want her to come. Tell her the date in advance and say that you have both been asked to stay over (maybe pretend it is their anniversary). Now that you have your partner’s acceptance for a night away you can plan a romantic getaway to a B&B that he or she will be totally surprised by. 

Be spontaneous 

While some romance requires planning others require spontaneity. On a day that you are both bored and your partner has nothing planned, whisk them off their feet and show them how the best things are sometimes on impulse. You could tell him or her to put on a nice/adventurous outfit and take them for an impromptu picnic or mountain stroll. There you simply tell them how much you love them before taking them home and cooking dinner for them or ordering their favorite food.

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Do good

Charity work is a great way to spend time together in an unusual setting. You and your partner could sign up to make lunches for those in need or to help at a charity near where you live. This type of activity can make you both feel great, closer together, and helps some people in need too.

Leave home

Sometimes romance is just about getting out of the house. When routine takes over you can sometimes forget that there is life outside the four walls of your work and home. Organize a date with your partner where you go to the cinema or a restaurant. Perhaps recreate one of the early dates when you first met.

Don’t leave home

Sometimes you don’t even need to leave home for a little romance. You could transform the sitting room into a home cinema with movies, popcorn, wine, and more. You could start the day by treating your partner to breakfast in bed before introducing her to an option of massages. 

Be a tourist

We often live in our home city and never visit the things that outsiders get so excited about. Become tourists for a day and see all the sights that people who have never been to your home town or city would love to see. The worse the attraction the better as it is not about what you see but who you are with

The most important thing is that you stop waiting for the right moment for these romantic moments. We can all be romantic once or twice a year during Valentine’s day or a birthday but it is the couple that shares these romantic moments every week of every year that really enjoys a romantic lifestyle. Think of the other person and what they need and you will already know what the perfect romantic moment you can offer is.

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