How to turn your outdoor space into an in-demand one

by Jack Smith
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There is a growing trend among homeowners to make more use of the outdoor space in their property. While in the past this space was used for a barbeque or a small grass area to kick a football around that is changing. Today people are completely renovating their outdoor spaces to make them the perfect entertainment areas. Renovating the outdoor space can make your home the most in-demand place of all of your friends to host a party, can breathe new life into an old home, and can increase the value of your home substantially. Here are six ideas that have the potential to transform your outdoor space.

Indoor-outdoor flow

Utilizing an outdoor space is not a new idea but in the past outdoor settings have been as advanced as a deck and a steel table with a parasol. We can do better. Start to think of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor home. You could make it an area for the kids or grown-ups to play (think table tennis tables and pool tables), a chillout area (think futons and bean bags installed not just thrown around). Depending on where you live one of the key requirements of a nice outdoor setting is protection. You may want to consider some permanent roofing to ensure people can be outside even when the weather isn’t perfect.

A pizza oven

This idea is as complicated as it sounds – build a pizza oven. So many people are now installing a pizza oven in their backyard. There numerous tutorials online on how to build your own pizza oven and while it is not easy it is achievable for even the most beginner of handy people. The pizza oven has the power to completely change how the inhabitants of your home behave one night a week. Installing a pizza oven can make a weekly tradition incredibly important and will be something your family bond over for years to come. If the pizza oven doesn’t appeal then at the very least consider a firepit. A permanent installation like that is cheap to make and super cozy to roast some marshmallows over.

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Do something strange

Inside a home, there is so little room to do weird things. For a house to look good most modern designers say that basic and bland colors, basic and bland furniture, etc are the way to go. However, in an outdoor setting, you have far more room to play. You can do something truly strange and make it look like a perfect part of your home. You could get a broken-down VW van, cut the front off and have it sticking out of a wall while using the central interior for a romantic cinema room.

Think recycling or upcycling

It doesn’t have to stop at VW vans. The outdoor space is being redefined by recycling and upcycling. Anything that was once useless could provide an incredible theme for your outdoor home. The bohemian style is very popular in 2020 and it can add a whole new dimension to your home.


Avoid things like steel furniture and outdated parasols. Wicker and wood are the most popular items for outdoor furniture. The key to success is installing them permanently. Picture wooden fences lined with wicker couches with huge pillows adorning them. These are a DIY project dream and super impressive when finished. 

Water feature

Have you always wanted an extravagant water feature in your home? Was it just too expensive to construct in the past because of the plumbing and power costs? Today you can easily create a water feature using solar or battery power at a minuscule cost. However, water features can look a little bit terrible in some homes so make sure you know how it fits with the overall theme before committing.

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