Is Your Partners Body Language Signaling A Breakup?

by Jack Smith
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Body language sometimes speaks a lot louder than words, and this is often the case in relationships. If a relationship is headed in a bad direction, then the way that your partner moves may be the first clue that you are about to hit rough water. Rather than allowing these signs to freak you out, you can use them to start opening up your lines of communication and understand exactly where things have gone sour.

When people want to be near to you, their bodies are all about pointing in your direction and drawing you close to them. If they stare at you with their eyes but let their feet point the other way, it maybe a silent sign that they are ready to run the other direction. Crossed legs also point out that someone is closing themselves off to you if they do it in the midst of a fight or serious talk. Some individuals lean away from their partner, revealing that they are trying to put space between them.

Watch for nervous signs such as lip biting or fingernail chewing. These mean that your partner is unsure how to put their feelings into words and that they holding things back, stewing over them before they let you in on their secrets. Using their left hands to make gestures can also mean that they are feeling uncomfortable. Excessive cellphone use can show that they are trying to escape or appear less nervous than they really are.

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Genuine smiles are usually a sign that people are happy, but unhappy people can also fake smiles in an attempt to look like things are going better than they really are.

The new addition of sighs and long periods of silence can also speak louder than a thousand words since these mean that something is off with the relationship.

While it isn’t a clear sign, some researchers show that the pupil of the eye dilates when someone sees the person they are attracted to. If your partner’s eyes used to dilate when you walked in the room and now they don’t, it maybe an indicator that their flame is burning out. Regardless of their pupils, if your partner no longer wants to make eye contact with you, it’s definitely looking bad for the relationship!

Partners who are on the same page usually walk side-by-side. When your partner starts lagging behind or else trying to rush ahead, it maybe a sign there is trouble in paradise. Likewise, hugs that involve locked elbows or distant pats on the back can indicate that things aren’t great.

While all these tips can help you to recognize trouble, it’s important to remember that body language varies from person to person. Don’t allow yourself to panic simply because your partner gestures with his left hand if he has all along! Even if it appears that the relationship is about to head on a downward track, don’t give up hope – instead, simply use it as a wake-up call to have important conversations about where things have gone wrong.

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