Kate Middleton Did Some Volunteer Work At A London Hospital But Nobody Was Allowed To Know

by Lee Wang
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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, recently worked at a busy hospital in London. However, the whole ordeal was kept a secret until now.

The private work was reportedly part of the “Early Years” project, an ongoing project that Kate has been a part of for some time. The goal of the organization is to support small children who may be dealing with problems in order to prevent future health and social challenges. While Kate is one of the most instantly recognizable women in the world, the stint at the hospital was 100% an undercover operation by the palace. It wouldn’t be the first time that the Royal Family was able to pull off their business without being spotted.

Celebrities and royals alike know what it is to always be in the spotlight. Whether it’s traveling to meet with a family member, going out on a personal and private date, or supporting a charity, you’re likely to see some sign of it on social media or in the tabloids. However, the Royal Family have always been excellent at keeping their experiences a secret. Somehow, not one picture ended up on Facebook or Twitter after Kate spent two whole days working in a super busy London hospital. How is that even possible?

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The Duchess of Cambridge has been known to show up at children’s organizations and schools before. Somehow, she managed to avoid publicity concerning her trip to the Kingston Hospital’s maternity unit after taking on the work in support of her Early Years project. She finished up the job on Wednesday after joining the staff for two whole days.

Kensington Palace has yet to release any official details concerning the event. However, a source told the tabloids that Kate divided up her time spent on the unit. She visited the antenatal and postal wards, as well as the labour wards. Not only that, she visited with a midwife during her time in the hospital. The palace didn’t promote her hospital appearance, but her time there was later recorded on an official record concerning the Royal Family’s engagements.

Kate has previously talked about how important the project is to her. She is dedicated to nurturing young children who may be experiencing early issues in life. We bet that many mothers were shocked to go to the hospital during contractions, only to find the Duchess of Cambridge helping the nurses and doctors with their work.

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