Last-Minute Gifts From Your Local Drug Store

by Jack Smith
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The holidays are here, and the big family dinner is right around the corner. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry – there are plenty of fun last-minute gifts that you can find at the nearby convenience store. Try some of these ideas to get started:

Stuffed Animals

From cute and tiny to big and snuggly, most drug stores have one or two stuffed animals on hand. Look for a holiday-themed teddy bear or an adorable collectible frog. Stuffed animals are a great gift for family members of all ages; even the most stoic-looking adult could use a bit of comfort, especially if it reminds them of someone they love.

Fancy Bath Supplies

Bath bombs, expensive lotion, and other cosmetic supplies make excellent holiday gifts. Don’t buy something that the recipient already uses every day. Instead, look for soaps and scrubs that will contribute to a soothing and spa-like experience. If you want to tie it all together, add a pretty candle to the gift box. You get bonus points if some of your items have a holiday theme.

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Gift Sets

There is absolutely no shame in gifting a premade gift set; it’s actually what they’re for. Look for cheerful mugs that are pre-filled with candy, makeup kits for girls, or shaving kits for men. Most of these sets are designed to look great under the tree, so they’re the perfect choice for last-minute shopping. Write a cute note to add a personal touch.

Holiday-Themed Candy

Convenience stores roll out an assortment of fun sweets and treats around the holidays. Spring for a bag of cookies, a tin of kettle corn, or a box of snowman-shaped chocolates. You can also create your own assortment with individual candy bars. These gifts don’t last long, but they’re usually a big hit during the actual event.

Collectible Toys

If you’re already at the drug store, why not buy an exclusive collectible? Many franchises release toys and trading cards that are only available from specific convenience stores or gas stations. These make great gifts for any kids or enthusiasts in the family. If you aren’t sure that the recipient likes that franchise, supplement the gift with a sweet treat.


Necklaces, bracelets, hats, and scarves make great holiday presents. Luckily, your local drug store probably carries all of these, and they’re usually a lot nice than you’d expect. Think about the recipient’s favorite colors and patterns. You might end up buying their new favorite fashion item.


Some convenience stores carry a selection of Bluetooth speakers and phone accessories that make for great gifts. See if you can test the item before buying; you don’t want the recipient to open up a DOA gift during an important holiday.

Gift Cards

If all else fails, gift cards always make a surefire present. Many drug stores sell gift cards for shops and restaurants in the surrounding area. If none of the available options seem like a good fit for your family, try doing a Visa gift card instead. Look for a holiday-themed box to present it, and you’re good to go.

There’s one important rule that every last-minute drug store shopper should remember: never shop at the convenience store in the area where your git recipients live. If you do, they might recognize the items that you gifted them. Do your holiday shopping on your side of town, and no one will ever be the wiser.

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