People Tell Their Stories About Dating After Getting A Divorce

by Eric Daniels
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A friend of mine got a divorce a couple years ago. She’s 55 years young and has taken very good care of herself. She works out, is in great shape and she’s beautiful. She’s financially secure and doesn’t need a man for his money. She loves to travel and enjoy life to the fullest. She’s a speech pathologist at a middle school so she has quite a bit of time to travel on breaks and summers. She has two grown children who live on their own. The last two years she’s dated a few men. It hasn’t worked out thus far. She says it’s hard to find someone she can trust, who doesn’t want her for her money and who has the freedom to travel and enjoy life together. She definitely wants to get married again.

The first man she dated after her divorce she met when she adopted her dog. This man placed an ad for his dog on an pet adoption website and she was interested in adopting his dog. When she went to meet the dog she decided it was a fit for her. It wasn’t just the dog that was a fit. The man asked her out for coffee and they started dating seriously from there. It turned out to be a year-long relationship but she got scammed in the end. He originally told her that he needed to give up his dog for adoption because he had to go live with and take care of his ill mother. He also said that he had to quit his job to take care of his mother. So when they went out on dates my friend paid the bill many times. He paid enough times that she wasn’t suspicious. Slowly, he started staying the night more and moved most of his belongings in. Then she became suspicious when she was never allowed to meet his mother or any of his family members or friends. It turns out that he really needed a place to live because he had no job. He racked up his credit cards so high that he ran out of credit. Even though she thought they were in love she couldn’t stay with him because he lied to her about his living, work and financial situations. He was definitely taking advantage of her financial stability.

The next man she dated she met when his company painted some interior rooms in her home. He owned a painting business in town and he was financially secure. It didn’t work out because he still had two young children. Her children were grown and she wants to travel, go out and enjoy life more. He had visitation with his children quite a lot so didn’t have the freedom she wanted someone to have.

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The last man she dated seems perfect for her. He was financially secure, his children were grown and he has plenty of free time to travel and enjoy life. However, he didn’t want an exclusive relationship. He wanted to explore seemed very interested in a sexual relationship.

All in all, it’s been a difficult time in the dating world for my friend. Her hopes are high that she will find someone when she least expects it.

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