Proof men need to work on their approach to romance

by Lee Wang
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Gentlemen, it is a well-known fact that you are terrible at romance, yet you are all most of us have. With that in mind please listen to the latest romantic episode that has gone viral. Please, please, learn from it.

Katie Warman and Cam McAlpine are both from Norfolk and have been dating for a while. Katie is a mum of one and Cam is a great guy who loves to help out with her child and is usually an incredibly caring man. However when Valentine’s Day came around and he had the opportunity to show just how caring and romantic he really was, he messed it up. Cam decided to go all out for Valentine’s Day but not in the right way.

When Katie arrived home from work she noticed a note on the couch. It was a clue. The clue led to another note, which led to another and another. After ten notes she read one that instructed her to go to the bathroom. When she opened the door she discovered a hot bath waiting for (it was lucky the clues didn’t take her long to solve). She was delighted. She jumped into the bath and had a lovely soak and unwound from a long day at work, fondly thinking about how great her boyfriend was. She was happy, she was very happy. It would not last long.

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Then she stepped outside the bath and saw one more note on the back of the door, it led her to the kitchen. Her mind began to run wild. What could her incredible boyfriend have arranged now? Chocolate covered strawberries? A glass of wine? Ice cream? She ran to the kitchen with excitement and opened the fridge. There she found one more note.

It read “Know your here make me food please. Still love tho xoxo”. Katie was devastated. Cam’s romance was as bad as his spelling! First of all Cam, it is now, not know. Second, it is you’re not your. The rest we will let slide because although you need to work on your spelling and grammar you need to work on your romance skills more. Katie went to bed a little annoyed and found a final note under the pillow. It read “I’m assuming no food then?”. Katie couldn’t help but smile at her cheeky boyfriend’s antics.

Cam had made the fatal error of providing the romantic element before the joke, not after. Gentlemen if you are going to do something nice for your partner and you can’t resist being a rascal about it, at least put the prank on the front end so that you leave your partner feeling happy and in love with you. Cam should have had the final note read check under the bed and a final box of chocolates waiting for her or a small gift. Now that would have been a fantastic move.

Upon reflection though, Katie says she enjoyed it. The prank perfectly represents how Cam is and she loves every bit of it. Katie says that he is always making jokes in the house and it makes her look forward to coming home every day. While she doesn’t always do well out of the jokes they are still a lot of fun. 

Katie has not said if she has any plans for revenge against her boyfriend but assured us that on that night she did not cook for Cam and not for a number of nights after. It sounds to use like Cam is a sweet guy with great intentions. He just needs to work on his final product a little bit and he will be the perfect guy. The internet seems to love him though as his antics went viral with most claiming it was a beautiful prank by a great partner. We are not totally convinced. Over to you Cam.

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