Sheriff Office Had 17 Babies Within A Year!

by Lee Wang
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Babies are born every day, but it is rare for a sheriff’s department to have 17 officers in a single sheriff’s office to become fathers of newborns all in the same year. That is exactly what happened in Jefferson County Missouri, and that is why it made the news. Social media users are also becoming fans of the story and the babies that have appeared in this various photos with their fathers.

The Baby Boom

There have been stories about baby booms in hospitals with nurses. Sometimes this situation happens in schools as well. Most of the time the baby boomer stories that break are stories that are connected to women. It is rare for men to be at the center of the baby boomer headlines, but this Missouri sheriff’s office has certainly changed this.

This story has been able to circulate quite well because social media helped the phenomenon gain attention by way of all the different platforms that are out there. Photos have surfaced of these men with their babies and this has allowed many people to revel in this amazing year for the officers in Jefferson County Missouri.

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Increase In Pay / Proposition P

When this many officers are faced with this type of growth in the size of their families it goes without saying that more money will be needed. This salary for these officers has increased as a result of the Proposition P bill that was passed. It increased the
salaries of these officers by more than 20,000. That is certainly something helpful for all of those that have become part of this exciting year of newborn babies.

Time Off

The great thing about these 17 babies is that it was not all happening at the same time. This means that there was time for some officers to take leave while others were anticipating the arrival of their newborns. Some babies were born in the same months, but this still allowed the department of have other officers on patrol while some officers enjoyed their time off. It has become one of those end of the decade stories that a lot of social media users are certain to remember.

Why The Story Pops

Stories with babies are always exciting. A story where there are multiple people that are part of a certain community that are all pregnant – in the same year – is going to get attention because it is uncommon. It is something that is considered newsworthy because there is also a fascination about how this could have possibly happened. There will be speculation about how there is something in the water. There will be an abundance number of pictures of these dads with babies that will flood the Internet.

People love baby stories and cute baby pictures. That is the reason that these types of stories become headlines for news circuits and social media outlets. It is one of those rare occurrences that is observed as a miracle that should be celebrated once it is discovered.

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