Sister helps brother propose at the end of her wedding

by Eric Daniels
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Sierra’s Mcginty-Rush sure knows how to have a wedding. Her decorations were charming, and she even wore red shoes to go with her red-and-white theme. But the selfless event that she planned for the end of her wedding had her entire family surprised and completely enchanted. Her cousin caught the entire thing on camera, and the resulting video went viral across the internet.

This Brother and Sister Are Best Friends

Sierra simply adores her brother. She and Solomon McGinty II have been extremely close since childhood, and they love to share memories together.

In a Facebook post about the viral video, Sierra said that anyone who understood her and her brother’s relationship would know that she was more nervous about the idea than he was. It was her wedding reception, but she wanted a moment that both of them could look back upon.

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Planning the Proposal

According to Solomon, the unique proposal was actually Sierra’s idea. He didn’t want to steal the show at her wedding, but she thought that the idea sounded sweet and romantic.

Once he realized that she was serious, Solomon quickly agreed. He was already certain that it was time to marry his girlfriend, Baylee Gilmore. She and Sierra got along, and the entire family was ready to welcome her as one of their own.

Sierra and Solomon planned the proposal for months before the actual wedding date. If you listen to the video, you can even hear the DJ put on the perfect song for the big moment.

Tossing the Bouquet

As her own wedding ceremony concluded, Sierra acted like she was going to toss her bouquet. She stood in front of a crowd of eager bridesmaids and raised the flowers up.

But then suddenly, Sierra turned around. With a friend holding up the train of her dress, she made her way to a group of family members behind her. Baylee stood in the center of the group with no idea what was going on.

The Surprised Girlfriend Turns Around

Baylee looked surprised as Sierra pressed the red bouquet into her hands. She turned around to ask Solomon what was happening. And then she gasped.

Solomon was already down on one knee, ring in hand. The family cheered loudly while he stated his proposal. Baylee leaned in, bouquet in hand, and asked him if he was serious. He nodded and smiled; she looked like she was going to faint.

She Says Yes

With a proposal that charming, how could you say no? Baylee said yes and held out her hand. Solomon placed the ring on her finger. He stood up and pulled her in for a big hug.

After a passionate kiss, Baylee ran into the arms of her friends. They jumped around excitedly while the crowd clapped and cheered.

Obviously, the reception after Sierra’s wedding was a party like no other. With one sibling happily married and the other engaged, the McGinty family had plenty to celebrate.

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