Teen Tells The World How A YouTuber Inspired Her To Be Herself

by Jack Smith
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I couldn’t believe I was meeting my YouTube idol, Hannah Hart, of the well-known series “My Drunk Kitchen” and her amazing podcast, “Hannanlyze This”. She also has two NY bestsellers on her list of accomplishments and is going on a tour this coming year with a third. I’m so happy that she has time for me during her super busy days.

My online relationship with Hart began when I was 18-years-old and speeding through the various videos on YouTube. I started watching her series because I could relate to her so well, and she kept me laughing. I felt an amazing connection with a person I had never met.

I finally admitted that I was gay towards the end of the year in October. A month later, Hannah also came out online. It was a crucial moment for me- here was someone I adored and admired, coming out after suffering in silence for so long. She has since gone on to become a popular queer role model and style icon. Our personal clothing tastes are even similar- we are both planning to wear jumpsuits to our weddings.

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I also greatly enjoyed her writing style since she began to publish books in 2014. Her newest cookbook is beautifully designed by none other than Hannah herself. The food, styled by Nora Singley, is a beautiful collection of rainbow cakes and wine glasses filled with green-bean casseroles. Instead of the usual traditional recipes cookbooks are known for, this one is a series of essays that are named for various holidays, including Singles Awareness Day and even Left-Hander’s Day. There is a Winter Solstice essay that I love because of the way Hannah describes her feelings during the holidays, “anxious and bossy”. I feel the same way as she does.

I’m already anxious about a holiday party that I am planning. I love to entertain friends and family, but I will stress out to the max when I have to do it. Hannah is happy to give me some advice. She tells me to take care of myself during the holiday season and to accept that it is going to be a busy time. She helps me with some amazing tips for my dinner party and help plan a menu for me from a list of personal favorites. I picked her “Acceptance Avocado Toast” to start my party off with, as well as a cheese-and-charcuterie plate. She helps me decide on a main course- flank steaks with grilled asparagus and her very own Garlic-Ass Mashed Potatoes. For dessert, Hannah suggests making my own cookies and decorating them.

Hannah’s encouragement lasts the whole time I make the food for the party. I remember that I can ask for help, so I persuade a couple of coworkers into bringing wine and easy-bake cookies. I feel cool, calm, and collected when my guests start to arrive. By the end of the dinner, which everyone simply gobbled up, I am glowing like a star. I am extremely proud of myself for throwing one of the best dinner parties of my life. Hannah Hart not only guided me on my journey to accepting myself as queer, she also taught me how to be a star in my own home. Who would have thought you could learn so much about life from a YouTube star?

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