The Insprational Way Kirsten Bell Deals With Anxiety And Depression

by Lee Wang
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Kristen Bell has become a Hollywood legend. With the recent release of Frozen 2, and receiving a star on the walk of fame, it seems that everything is sunshine and roses in her life. However, she recently said in an interview that she struggles with depression and anxiety.

Making A List Helps To Keep Things In Check

Bell is one of the Hollywood elite that speaks very candidly about her struggle with mental health issues. She takes medications to help combat these problems, but she says that she still needs to keep herself in check. She relies on her husband, Dax Randall Shepard, for insight.

When she’s feeling really down, she said that it helps her to make a list. Life can be frustrating and hard to navigate, so she feels it’s helpful to see if her downtrodden mood is coming from situations or mental health-related concerns. A list helps her to focus on what’s really going on.

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If there’s nothing significant that can contribute to her poor mental health, then she assumes it’s time to see the doctor. She’s had to have many medication adjustments and knows that treating anxiety and depression is not an exact science. It takes a great deal of trial and error to find the right medication and dose.

Using Her Voice For Good

Shepard says after six years of marriage to the star, he believes she has an optimistic vision of life. Bell wants things to be sunshine and roses all the time, and it’s not possible. She says that her husband is her rock in dealing with this ongoing mental health problem. So many people are afraid to talk about it, and there is such a stigma around it. However, Bell isn’t going to let that stop her from making her voice heard. She believes she can help change the stigmas surrounding an issue that more than 43.8 million people suffer with daily.

Shephard and Bell have teamed up to try to de-stigmatize mental health. The interview with Today was just one of many regarding these issues. They have done podcasts and magazine interviews as well as television shows. She stated that she feels no shame in dealing with anxiety and depression and has learned how to manage it well. Her goal is to help others so that those suffering in silence will stop turning to self-medication and get the help they need.

Even Hollywood Suffers From Mental Health Issues

It looks from the outside like Bell has it all. She has a growing career, a wonderful husband, and the girl next door look. However, it just shows that many things go on behind closed doors, and people suffer in silence. There is no shame in getting help. Mental disturbances are just as commonplace as high blood pressure and diabetes, yet the world still stigmatizes them as if the person suffering has done something wrong. Hopefully, when more people speak out about their struggle, things will begin to change.

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