The Most Expensive Christmas Tree In The World Has More Than $15 Million In Ornaments

by Jack Smith
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A lot of individuals are competing against each other during the holidays. There are numerous concepts regarding the meaning of success during this time. This includes who has achieved the most incredible lights display, who is telling the best possible story about their holiday vacation, which presents have been wrapped using the most decadent paper and who served the most extravagant meal for the holidays.

High-end Christmas trees have now taken center stage. This is partly because the news has featured a designer Christmas tree studded with gems. The value of this tree is greater than the majority of brownstones for sale in Brooklyn. The ornaments on this spectacular tree are worth in excess of $15 million. This may very well be the most expensive Christmas tree in the world.

Situated along the southern coast of Spain is Marbella’s Kempinski Hotel Bahia. Debbie Wingham is the former fashion designer and current baker who entered into a partnership with the hotel. This involved the creation of a Christmas tree with a value of an exorbitant £11.9 million, Due to the current exchange, the value is now $15.4 million. The tree is being displayed at the resort.

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Debbie Wingham is well known for selling a lot of expensive merchandise. Axel Bethke is the general manager of the hotel who joined her in the unveiling of the Christmas tree. This took place in the recently refurbished lobby of the hotel to officially start the festivities. Debbie Wingham worked with numerous additional talents for contributions to the Christmas tree.

This includes Debra Frances Bean, a resin artist and Gary James McQueen, a digital artist. The reason the value of the Christmas tree is so high are the ornaments. The decorations were inspired by Art Deco including 3D-printed chocolate peacocks, perfume bottles and martini glasses. These ornaments are not exactly cheap, but they are not the main reason for the outrageous price tag.

The branches of the tree do not hold typical ornaments. In fact, they are generously dotted with black, white, red and pink diamonds. Just for good measure, there were even some sapphires added to the tree. Every gem was ethically sourced, expertly cut and upcycled using jewelry by the most revered names in the industry. Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Bulgari all participated.

If you should decide to stay at the Kempinski during the holidays, everything else you will see is just as extravagant and luxurious. In addition to the expansive pools and dazzling suites, a Diamond and Champagne Night is being hosted by the hotel on December 28th.

All of the guests will be provided with an opportunity to enjoy a meal created by Chef David Fernandez as well as a decadent cocktail menu. Guests will even have a chance at winning a €2,000 diamond. Not only does this work well with the decor, but it makes the deal even sweeter.

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