The number one turn off in online dating

by Jack Smith
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Online dating is becoming more and more popular in modern times. Today the majority of new couples meet thanks to an online application whether through gaming or a dating specific website. Tinder is the most famous version but there are so many more at play. Online dating can be fun as you get to chat with many people until you hit it off with someone. On the other hand, online dating is a horrible and frustrating experience. This is true for both men and women. Women face so much abuse on online dating sites that it causes many of the best ones to delete the app straight away. Men find it a lot harder to get a date on these sites as there is such a large pool of men for women to choose from and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. A new study has revealed what the number one turn off for actually ladies is.

When setting up your online dating profile a lot of time is spent on the pictures. Choosing the perfect first image to grab someone’s attention is incredibly important. This will make them want to check out more photos. Your second and third pictures are therefore important as these are what will likely determine whether they swipe left or right on you. The caption you put underneath is important to many women as it can show whether you are smart, caring, funny or simply looking for one thing. While all of these aspects matter none of them are number one.

The most important thing for women and the thing that turns them off the most is grammar and spelling. A recent survey showed that 45% of women said they are not interested in someone who is physically attractive but uses improper grammar or spelling. This may be the reason why you often think a conversation is going well and then a lady disappears. Perhaps you weren’t using enough commas?

While this is an issue for both men and women it is clear that women care a lot more. Only 24% of men said they would lose interest for the same reason. It continued to show up as important across the study with 47% of women saying it was more attractive than gifts, 43% saying it was better than getting a free meal, and 29% saying it was better than getting complimented. 
The study did try to dive deeper and found that the usual suspects in grammar are what turns women off most. Their, they’re and there are three words that sound similar, are close in spelling but have very different meanings. 60% of women felt that this mistake was unforgivable. Another mistake that ranked highly was two, too, and to.

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It was interesting to note as well that 45% of women were really annoyed by the use of shorthand, in particular, using u instead of you. This was seen as the epitome of bad grammar and just plain lazy. It is not long since everyone spoke like this on their phones and it highlights how quickly trends change.

The survey was conducted by WordTips a word finder website so it is possible that the people that visit this site are already very focused on strong communication skills. It may be the case that the people that were surveyed were not an accurate representation of society as a whole. However, the point remains the same. If you want to impress a large number of women when trying to date online make sure that your grammar is correct. Always re-read your message before sending and if you are really bad maybe download an app like Grammarly that can help out.

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