The Reason Why It’s Hard For Airlines To Seat Families Together

by Lee Wang
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According to legal experts, the Families Flying Together Act was passed back in 2016. However, many of the airlines are still not enforcing it, according to numerous reports. According to the FAA, numerous families are being separated upon arrival. One report indicated that a three-year-old sat in first-class, while the rest of the family was downgraded to their coach section.

Why is this happening?

Chuck Schumer

We found out that Representative Chuck Schumer has been actively involved in the situation. According to many news outlets and journalists, he is not backing down either, while others remain silent.

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According to a press release, he is <strong>strongly</strong> urging everyone working for an airline to reinforce the rule, especially with the holiday season on our doorstep. Chuck does not want to hear about any child(13 and under) that have been separated from their parents and/or extended family.

Consumer Reporting

We also have found that within the last two years, there have been more than 100 complaints filed against airlines. We reached out to the Department of Transportation for their response.

They feel that with the low number of complaints it is not worth reporting or taking any action against. A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation feels that the number of cf complaints needs to increase before they do anything.

Chuck Schumer’s response:

“I find that unacceptable. I also find it deeply disturbing that no one is doing anything to resolve this issue. The Families Act was passed for a reason. This is unacceptable that the Department of Transportation would rather sit back and do nothing”

One expert acknowledged that in the current political climate that the rule of law does not matter now. Laws are passed, but it is only seen as a guideline, not an actual rule. The rule of law used to count for something. Kids being separated from their families is just one instance where people are doing nothing.

American Airlines

American Airlines has issued a response to what is happening.

“There are families that are traveling with kids under fifteen-years-of-age. Some of them do not have an assigned seat. We do work to find someone the child can sit with(even a stranger). That might not make some families happy, but we do make sure that on a child is sitting alone, even in the economy fair lanes. We also have blocked seating that sometimes is opened at the last minute”.

We have also found that Southwest does not have assigned seating. That means some families that book at the last minute will have a seat.

This issue has made some families very nervous(and with good reason). Thay is why people recommend that the families check on the boarding passes and speak with the staff before making their arrangements.

What do you think about this?

Leave a comment below in the Comments Section. Tell us your stories and how yours was resolved.

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