The Story Telling How Jeff Bezos’ Dad Found Out Who He Was

by Jack Smith
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Jeff Bezos is a name that a lot of people know because they utilize his company to order things online. Amazon is the company that has made Jeff a multi-billionaire, but what many people may not realize is that Jeff Bezos has never truly known his biological father.

Teenage Marriage

The parents of Jeff Bezos married when they were teenagers. Their marriage did not work out, and his father would eventually give up custody. The father of Jeff Bezos has stated that he thought that that was for the best at the time. He would not be aware of the fact that his biological son will go on to become the multi-billionaire that he became.

Both of Jeff’s biological parents remarry, but Bezos has no memory of ever meeting his biological father. He was raised by his mother and his stepfather. At the opposite end of the scope, his biological father would also remarry and continue to move on from his early life as a circus performer to that of a bicycle shop owner.

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Circus Performer Father

Most Amazon fans would not create a link between Jeff and his father because Jeff Bezos had never acknowledged meeting him. In the early stages of his life, his biological father Ted Jorgensen was a circus performer. This would not be something that would generate a lot of money. He was poor at this time, but his love for the mother of Jeff Bezos would prompt him to marry. Their failed marriage would cut many of the visitations short. His father has stated that he only remembered seeing Jeff when he was a small child a few times. Jeff, on the other hand, has no recollection of visitations with his father.

Bicycle Show Owner

As a bicycle shop owner his father has managed to create a decent life for himself in the suburbs. This would pale in comparison, however, to the life that Jeff Bezos has created as a multi-billionaire with Amazon. There are a lot of different ways that people can look at this, but most people simply see this as a very intriguing outcome since neither one is aware of the other.

Never Heard of Amazon

When Ted Jorgensen
was initially interviewed he stated that he had never even heard of Amazon before. He was surprised to know that his son was the one that started this company that was originally a company that sold books. It became a huge surprise to find out that his son was a multi-billionaire. It was shocking, and it still felt like an unreal thing for his father to take note of all his son had accomplished in his absence.

Some people may have wondered why the two never met. Ted Jorgensen has stated that he made attempts to reach out, but it was difficult to get connected with his son because there were many barriers to reaching out to the multi-billionaire. He was unable to directly get in contact Jeff, but he was quite proud of him.

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