The touching story behind this family’s adoption photo is incredible

by Jack Smith
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Families come in different shapes and sizes and develop from different origins. Through adoption, the Jones-Baldwin family grew through adoption. Their story is filled with challenges but comes with beautiful twists and turns. Their unique story teaches the true meaning of family and love.

Meet the Jones-Baldwins

Richardo and his wife Keia Jones-Baldwin were interested in expanding their family. Keia had a daughter prior to her relationship with her husband. They attempted IVF, but it didn’t go according to plan. So, they turned to adoption.

They initially fostered children to learn whether adoption was the right path for their family. They met many children who needed families. This leads the family to open their home to give a child a forever home.

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Today, they have their first daughter, Zariyah, and three other children. They first adopted Ayden after fostering him. Karleigh, who was a friend of Zariyah, was next to be welcomed to the family after her mother was no longer able to care for her.

Then came little Princeton, the newest addition to the bunch.

Princeton came into the Jones-Baldwin family after being fostered by them. He was born to a drug-addicted mother and Keia was called to take him in for three months.

He is a white child being adopted by a blended family of African Americans and biracial members. This makes their family loving and unique. Because of this, she created the Facebook page Raising Cultures to challenge the racial barriers and stereotypes involved with adoption.

At the age of two, Princeton was adopted into the Jone-Baldwin family permanently.

Adoption day

On the day of Princeton’s adoption, the family chose to celebrate in a unique and exciting way. Keia says her favorite way to celebrate special occasions is to make T-shirts to commemorate them. With their unique and funny tees, they took part in a photoshoot.

Each member of the family expressed their joy and mock annoyance that comes with the new addition to the family. But all came together to celebrate the love they have as a family and to support Princeton as he is officially a part of them now.

This story shows the impact adoption can have on the lives of children and their forever families. Their story has been shared on social media and the news and they were recently on the Kelly Clarkson show. From the story of the Jones-Baldwin family, you can see the importance and the joy of adoption.

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