These Are The Signs That You Found Your Soulmate!

by Eric Daniels
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Popular culture would have us think that finding our soulmate is as easy and exciting as in movies and love songs. And it can be. However, if you haven’t had the best of luck until now, it may not be because of bad karma or destiny. Like anything in life, finding your soulmate requires being able to identify a few signs in that ideal person.

What is a soulmate?

A soulmate is a person that gives you the feeling of a deep connection and with whom an attraction exists. Soulmates are not limited to romantic interests but may also include people with whom you share strong common pursuits. Characteristics of a relationship with your soulmate may include intimacy, spirituality, sexuality, and trust.

Let’s look at the biggest signs that you’ve found your soulmate.

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1. You have a strong intuition

Upon meeting your soulmate, you will experience a sudden and strong sense that this person is extraordinary. In terms of romantic relationships, this feeling is what people refer to as love at first sight. Just be sure not to conflate this intuition with pure physical attraction. While meeting your soulmate can include a physical aspect, finding that special person is something far deeper.

2. There’s mutual respect between you

Two souls that are meant to communicate on a fundamental and natural level are also respectful of each other. Soulmates respect the other half’s merits as well as their values and feelings.

3. You share a common vision

A strong common bond entails having a vision of the future and the path to the fulfillment of that vision. If you do not have this, you will find that you drift apart. The lack of a common vision means that you have not found the one.

4. You fight for the relationship

Every kind of human relationship entails conflict. Nothing worth pursuing with another human being can be achieved without discourse. The difference is that with your soulmate, you fight for the relationship as opposed to fighting to be right. This makes arguments productive rather than relationship-shattering.

5. You feel comfortable being yourself

With your soulmate, you feel at ease being your best and worst self around them. This mutual acceptance is fundamental to coexisting with someone on a common life journey.

6. They challenge you every day

Rather than demanding you change to fit their needs, a soulmate challenges you to become better at what you love. Common acquaintances challenge you in ways that distract you from your goals. A soulmate causes you to have greater resolve in achieving your dreams.

7. High-level non-verbal communication

Soulmates communicate important ideas without even having to use words.

8. Strong empathy exists

If you feel happy when they do and pain when they hurt, this is a strong indication that the person across from you is your soulmate.

9. Synergies appear

While soulmates can just as easily spend time apart as they do together, they will make each other better just by being in each others’ lives. It’s a case of one plus one equaling three.

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