These Cleaning Tips May Seem Strange But They Actually Work!

by Lee Wang
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Lemon juice can be used to help get out stains in almost anything such as countertops, Tupperware and more.

Hardwood Scratches

The oils from a walnut will help fill in small scratches on your hardwood. Take the nut and rub it gently over the imperfection.


Use rubber gloves to wipe your couch, baseboards, and anywhere pet hair collects and watch it stick to the surface of the glove.

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Glass Shower Door

Buff out the soap scum by using shaving cream. Spray it directly on the door or a damp rag and wipe it away easily.

Paint Chip

Take clear nail polish to seal in chipped car paint it to keep moisture and air out. This will keep it clean until you can repair it.

The Blender

Instead of sticking your hand into the blender to clean it, pour warm soapy water in, cover, and blend for 30 seconds. Rise with clean water after.

Water Stains

Take mayo and rub gently with a damp cloth over the water stains. If you don’t have mayo, try salt or olive oil.

Baked-on Food

Those ugly cookie sheets can be saved by letting them soak in warm water with a non-toxic, biodegradable dryer sheet.

Streaky Windows

Use a mixture of water and vinegar, along with a newspaper or coffee filter, and gently rub the streaks away.

Gross Microwave

Take a bowl of water with fresh lemon and cook it for five minutes in the microwave. Let sit for an additional five minutes then wipe away the grime easily.

Dirty Walls

If you find fingerprints or hand marks on your walls, take some old bread and rub them off.

Wall Art

Remove crayon markings with baby oil and gently scrub away the marks.

Smelly Air

Use vodka and a few drops of essential oils to remove the musty smell of any room without added chemicals.

Oil Pans

Let scrunched up newspaper soak in the oil pan to help easily wipe them clean.

Bathroom Cleaner

Coca-cola can be used to clean the stains out of the toilet. Dump a can in, let it sit for about an hour, then scrub it clean.

Smelly Towels

Instead of washing with detergent, try pouring water and vinegar into the machine.

Carpet Stains

House training a pet or have a messy family member? Take a hot iron and place it on a damp white cloth other the stain to remove it.

Bathroom Mirrors

Quickly remove the watermarks by using vodka and baking soda mixture.

Fans and Blinds

Take a butter knife and a dampened cloth to your vents and blinds to get rid of dust.

Dirty Vases

Pour rice and vinegar into the bottom of a hard to clean vase, let sit, then swirl and rinse to easily remove built-up algae.

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