This Guy Opened A Car Dealership And Gave Away All His Cars

by Lee Wang
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Generosity is not always easily seen in our world full of people consumed with financial endeavors. Jimmy, or Mr. Beast as he is called, wanted to give back to those in need. He paid $100,000 and bought 100 cars. He opened a car lot, and he put ridiculous prices on the automobiles. One had a sticker for .99 cents, while another one he would pay someone $1,000 to drive it off the lot. It sounded like a crazy plan, but would people take him seriously?

Mr. Beast assembled his “sales” staff, and they got to work. He wanted all 100 cars to be gone by the close of business. He positioned two people out by the road with sales signs to attempt to wave people onto the lot. It wasn’t but a few minutes before they got their first customer. A lady needed an SUV for her growing family. He quickly pointed her to a Chevy Traverse with third-row seating. When she asked about the price, she was told it was $3.00.

The lady couldn’t figure out if she was being punked or if they were crazy. Doubtful, the sales representative took her around the lot to show her cars ranging from .99 cents to $12.00, which was the most expensive automobile they had. She quickly decided that she would take that Traverse for $3.00. Just as she was about to pay for the vehicle, Mr. Beast came in and said they were having a 33 percent off sale. The automobile was now only $2.00. Crazily, that lady drove out of that lot with a $40,000 car for a mere two bucks.

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The second customer needed to buy a car for her son. She is a professional blogger by trade. The sales representative asked her how much she would pay for the car, or what she thought the car was worth. She said the vehicle was valued between $10-$12,000. When she was told the car was $12.00, she immediately asked if the automobile was going to blow up before she got it home. It was a reasonable question because they were giving her a car. The customer called her son to see if he wanted the vehicle. She was in disbelief. After some negotiations, they paid her and her son $500 to drive off the lot.

The third customer approached needing a third-row vehicle to accommodate her four children. Her birthday was fast approaching, and she wanted something to celebrate her big day. The sales team decided to give her a car instead of making her pay the $6.90 that was on the sticker price. Throughout the day, Jimmy and his team sold all the vehicles. They gave away more money than they made.

Mr. Beast sells a full clothing and accessory line on the web and uses all the money to give back and do giveaways to deserving folks. Though many people thought this entire thing was a scam, they soon learned that they were given a tremendous financial blessing.

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