Tinder Releases Some Very Interesting Trends They Noticed In 2019

by Jack Smith
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In today’s world of fast-paced technology, we’ve come to depend on the internet for almost everything. Dating, meeting up with singles, and even talking to people of the opposite gender revolves mainly around the online world. The social networking app “Tinder” is closing out the year with a report that lets us understand exactly how people are using the internet to meet up with other people and what they are doing to attract potential partners.

First, Tinder starts by revealing the list of “most used” profile terms. “Real” made it to the very top of the list, with other popular terms such as “lit”, “cause”, “mission”, “stan”, and “tea” coming behind.

The terms “mission” and “cause” were used frequently because those between 18 and 24 seemed to be intent on mentioning their favorite non-profits within their bio. While it’s great to see that they want to find someone who shares their passions, we can only hope that they put some effort into truly supporting these good causes! Those over 25 skipped talking about non-profits and instead tried to showcase their interests in travel and going on adventures.

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Those who use Tinder at a younger age are also more likely to come out with their political interests. Although it’s been a long-held tradition to keep politics in the closet until after the first date, those in Generation Z seem to be forthcoming with what they stand for and what they think about certain issues. Boris Johnson and Theresa May were two such political names that were spread heavily across Tinder profile bios.

Among emoji’s that were gaining popularity, the facepalm is the one that’s taking the lead with a 41% growth of use.

Tinder isn’t just being used in the United States, either. According to the statistics, UK’s city of Glasgow saw some significant rise in swipes with Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Leicester following behind. It seems that swipes are rising all across the United Kingdom with Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leeds, and Hull also among those that managed to see a rise in Tinder use.

While the Tinder results are interesting, they can be hard to decipher. What exactly can today’s online daters take from this information? It would seem that those in the younger generation, or who are trying to appeal to the younger generation, should focus more on their interests in good causes and their political affiliations. Those who are older shouldn’t try to hide their interest in traveling.

The best rule of thumb is to just be honest in your online profiles; however, experts are also pointing out that, no matter how good your profile is, you need to keep updating it frequently. You should actually give your bio a quick polish at least once a week! By doing this, Tinder and other apps will notice that you are active and keep you on the top of search results. Also, users who see that your profile changes may take notice and consider you as intriguing.

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