Why One Meaningful Gift Is Better Than Piles Of Presents

by Eric Daniels
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Sometimes as the holiday season approaches, you find yourself hurriedly trying to gather up gifts for loved ones. If you can’t find the perfect present for someone, you might start to replace quality with quantity. Oftentimes though, getting something small and thoughtful is much better than a bunch of random gifts.

Christmas has become a time of spending way too much money and getting loads of things you might not even want or need. This takes all of the joy and surprise out of opening each wrapped package because you know there are plenty more to burn through.

When you take time to select or make a present that has a special meaning behind it, the person who receives it will feel extra appreciated. They’ll feel a sense of gratitude for you, knowing that they have someone in their life who pays attention to what they love.

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Research has found that giving can provide more joy than receiving. When you find the perfect present, wait anxiously to give it to a friend or family member, and see their look of surprise when they finally open it, you’ll feel a rush of happiness for that person. When you buy several meaningless gifts, you probably won’t care much if someone loves them or not, and neither of you will feel the satisfaction.

If you’re having trouble finding a fun present, go for something helpful instead. If you’ve heard your friend complaining about how they keep breaking all their drinking glasses, buy them a nice set of new ones. It may not be the most exciting thing they’ll get all season, but it will be something they can get a lot of use out of.

For children especially, opening boxes and boxes of toys is exciting, but one will always stand out among the others. Almost everything you buy will quickly become background noise, and will easily be forgotten. Opt for choosing one or two toys that you know the child will love. That way, you don’t have to feel bad if three of your five gifts are left untouched, and they’ll still have plenty of fun with the great gifts they did get.

By carefully selecting the perfect present, you will probably also save money. Even if you spend more on one item than you normally would spend on something, you don’t have to drop twenty dollars on a few things for everyone, and that adds up quickly. Choose carefully and make a budget, and you’ll find that you can find something fitting for everyone on your list without spending all your savings.

Overall, the holiday season would benefit from shifting back to a time to spend happily with friends and family. This year, don’t worry about being the person with the flashiest gifts to give. Find some meaning in everything you buy, and you’re guaranteed to make everyone happy.

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