You Need To Get These Things Out Of Your Garage During The Winter

by Jack Smith
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With upcoming frost and impending snowstorms of winter, it’s important to know which items are unsafe to keep in your garage through the chilling months to ensure they are available and ready for spring.

Cleaning Products

Items used for detailing your car, cleaning the house, or sprays for the garden are all items that should be put into a labeled tub and brought inside. If these products get too cold, they may freeze and damage the chemical compound inside, making them less potent going into the warmer season. Be sure they are stored away from heat sources such as water tanks and heaters.


Spray paint and buckets of paint should all be brought inside during the winter months. Reaching low temperatures can curdle the separated paint, making it useless if needed. If you aren’t planning to use the paint again (or even solvents and fertilizers), drop them off at your local hazardous waste collections.

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If you have a second freezer or a deep freezer in the garage during winter, it will struggle to keep items from over-freezing. If you aren’t able to heat your garage, think about bringing the appliance indoors to make them last longer.


To keep old and rarely used electronics functioning, bring them inside in the winter. Whether you’re hanging onto an old gaming system, antique radio, or storing old TVs, be sure they are out of the cold or recycle them if they’re not to be used in the future.


Remove items you no longer use or are broken. This will keep everyone from tripping or falling in the garage as floors get slippery from winter weather.


Extra pantry items or emergency supply food should be brought inside during winter. Canned foods that are frozen can be compromised while bags of food can invite critters in for a snack.

Fabric and Rags

If fabrics, extra or old rags, tents, or tarps are kept in the garage, be sure they are either in tightly sealed containers or brought inside. These items can draw in rodents and critters looking for a warm place to stay.


Wood can crack during the cold months and should be brought inside or add a layer of protection. Wrapping furniture in plastic or protective sheets can help keep them safe and rodent free during winter.


Leather items and sporting goods such as gloves, bats, and cleats can get damaged during winter. When temperatures fluctuate, it causes the leather to crack or split, and rodents will be drawn to the chewy fabric of mitts and gloves.

Pots and Plants

Moisture in the soil can cause cracks on pots during winter. Bring in any pottery and flower bulbs inside to be kept in a cool, dry place.

Following these simple guidelines and steps will help to ensure that you are prepared and ready for spring cleaning and fun.

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