You Should Ask Yourself These Questions Before Going Back To Your Ex

by Lee Wang
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When you break up with someone you love, it can be heartbreaking. You invested time and emotions into the other person, but there’s usually a reason why the relationship didn’t work that you can learn from for future relationships. Sometimes, you could still have feelings for each other and want to see where things might go if you were to get back together.

You’ve probably known many couples, even those who are celebrities, who spend some time apart so that they can ask questions or think about whether or not the relationship is really what they want. There is a possibility that you can rekindle the love that you shared with the other person, but there are some questions that you need to ask yourself and the other person before making the decision.

Resolving the Issue

One of the things that you need to ask is if the issue that made you break up can be resolved. If you’ve talked about the issue and perhaps involved a professional to get advice on how to handle the situation with no resolution, then it might not be the best decision to get back together.

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Make sure that you agree with each other about the differences that you shared in the relationship. If one of you can’t or won’t admit to having differences, then you’re likely going to continue focusing on those differences instead of the things that make the relationship strong.


Consider whether or not you’ve been apart long enough to examine the relationship and the things that didn’t work. You need to make sure you’ve had time to collect yourself and decide if you’re really happy with the other person. If you jump back into the same relationship without allowing time for yourself to breathe and realize that you deserve to be treated properly, then you could have the same disagreements in the future.

What Does the Other Person Want?

Even though you might want to get back together, the other person might not. Talk about the feelings that the person has to see if they want to consider trying to work on things in the relationship. One of you might want to be alone for a while or even enter into a different relationship.


Ask yourself if you’re afraid of being alone. Sometimes, this might be the reason why you want to be in a relationship. You might not love the other person. The only reason why you want to be together is so that there’s comfort for yourself and someone to lean on when you’re lonely.

Getting Tough

You need to ask your ex some tough questions that might not result in the answer that you want. Ask the person how you can trust them and what’s going to be different if you get back together.

Dark Parts

There are some dark areas of your relationship that you’re going to need to push aside. If you’re going to think about those areas every time you look at the other person, then you’re likely not going to be happy in the relationship. However, if there were more good moments than those that were bad, then getting back together might be an option to consider.

Before making any decision about getting back together with your ex, ask yourself a few questions to make sure you’re ready. Consider what makes you happy and if the other person is willing to work with you in order to make the relationship work.

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